5 Best Body Weight Exercises To Tone Your Body

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For everyone out there who wants to start working out but doesn’t exactly know where to start or what to do, then this article is perfect for you. Welcome to Be Healthy Be Fit. In this article, we will learn how to tone your body with only body-weight exercises. I hope this motivates you to release your inner workout warrior. Let’s take a look at our exercises.



Our first exercise is beginner pushups. An easy beginner pushup is known as the half pushup. Put your palms to the floor and keep them shoulder-width apart. It is incorrect to go down with your butt. The main idea is to go down with your upper body because that’s where all the weight is. Keep your legs closer together because the farther apart you keep them the easier the pushup becomes and it loses its entire effect.

Now for the full pushup, you are going to lift your knees off the floor and balance on your toes and palms keeping your body parallel to the floor.

Always make sure to inhale on the way down and exhale when you’re pushing yourself back up. Something to watch out for is your neck. Sometimes people tend to go down with their neck first because you feel closer to the ground that way. But its really your chest that needs to be closer to the ground. So that’s what you should use when pressing yourself towards the floor. Once you’ve got these down you’ve got your pushup right.

If you feel it is too easy for you then you can do variation in pushup exercises. Example – incline, decline, narrow, wide, one hand, and other.


exercises - planks

Planks are one of the best body weight exercises for the core. Get into position by placing your forearms on the floor. Bring your legs together and lift your knees off the ground. Suck your belly in, straighten your back, and slightly squeeze your glutes.

Do not sink to the floor using your lower back because the entire effect is lost.

Another form that is totally wrong is lifting your butt up into the air making a plank super easy on your abs which is not what it’s supposed to feel like at all. So flattening your back, keeping your legs together and tummy sucked in is all you’ve got to remember to do.

Keep your breathing normal. Hold this position for up to 10-15 seconds initially and gradually work your way up to your capacity.


Exercises - crunches

Our third exercise also targets the core. Start by laying down with your back to the floor. Keep your feet either together or a little apart, whatever is more convenient to you. Neck safety is important while crunching so try to avoid any strain. Do not lace your fingers together, because that tends to make you jerk your head forward to gain more momentum.

Instead, place your thumbs behind your ears and fingers supporting your head. Keep your elbows apart and crunch up using the muscles in your abdomen. Do not push yourself up using your head because it won’t have the same results.

Keep your back flat on the floor and pull yourself up using your core muscles. Don’t bring your elbows in. Keep them out leaving your chest open. Make sure you exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down.

To make this a little more challenging bring your feet off the floor, cross them at the ankles and continue with the same movement. Beginners can start with two sets of 10-15 crunches and gradually build up to your capacity.



Now, upper body and core/abs are done. Let’s now move to our leg exercises which is the lunge. For the forward lunge stand with your legs slightly apart. Don’t go beyond your shoulder length.

Put one of your legs forward and come straight down with your other leg. See that the knee of your front leg doesn’t go past your toes when you lunge forward.

Make sure you bring the knee of your back leg as close to the ground as possible and stand back into position by pushing off the heel of the leg in front. Switch to your next foot to alternate both legs while lunging. Inhale as you go down and exhale on your way up.

The leg you put forward feels the stretch on your glutes and hamstring area while the leg at the back feels the stretch in the thigh area. Start with 2 sets of 10-15 for each leg and then gradually work your way up to your capacity.



Squatting is one of the few exercises that help to boost your testosterone level. You can say it is the best lower body weight exercise. Start with your feet shoulder-distance apart or a little wider if you’re just starting out. 

You can point your feet a little outwards as well. Keep the knees in a neutral position. Make sure they don’t point outwards or close to each other. 

Now push your hips back and as if there was an invisible chair around you, squat down. Keeping your back arched and don’t curve it inwards. Go as low as you can inhaling and you lower yourself and exhaling to come back up. Do about 2 sets of 10-15 gradually building up to your capacity.

NOTE – Do all your exercises on mat especially planks, push-ups, and crunches to avoid getting your back and knee hurt. While doing knee push-ups you place your knees on the ground, so it is better to keep your knees on a mat to avoid getting your knee hurt. I also use a yoga mat and it has helped me a lot to do my exercises more efficiently.

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So, now you know how you can do the above exercises. Are you feeling motivated after reading this? How many of these above exercises you were doing? And importantly how many of these exercises you were doing properly? let us know in the comment section below. That’s it for this article. Thank you for reading.

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Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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