5 Simple Exercises To Boost Your Confidence

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Women are like sharks, they can smell insecurities from a mile away, and it is the most unattractive thing that a man can do. Having good self-confidence is very important for men as well as women. How to boost confidence? Is there any pill? Do we need to do something extraordinary to boost our confidence? Get all these and more question answered in this article.  

Unfortunately, 99% of people are meaner to themselves than they are their worst enemy. Why? Because we are our own most prominent critic. We beat ourselves up, and we say horrible things to ourselves and what happened that affects our self-confidence. 

So, when you go out there and want to approach a woman, all these negative thought patterns come in. All these self-sabotaging mind frames and things that you say to yourself creep in and overtake you. And that displays in your energy. 

That’s how you show up to a woman is that insecure energy, and when you come from a place of insecure energy, women can sense that. And it is the most unattractive thing that you can do. 

When you learn how to control your thoughts by becoming conscious of your thoughts and only allowing yourself to think the things that you want to think, your energy is so different. You are confident, you’re excited, you’re enthusiastic, you don’t get nervous, you don’t feel insecure, you don’t self-sabotage, you give off such different energy when you’re confident. And that energy is what women like. 

That energy is what is so sexy for women, and that energy is what is going to land, you your dream woman. Welcome to BE HEALTHY BE FIT guys, and in this article, you will know the five steps and exercises to boost your self-confidence fast. 

Boost Your Confidence #1. Write Down The Negative

The first exercise I want you to do, and it’s not in one sitting. You have to start living your life and recognizing where you have those negative thought patterns. So throughout the day, I want you to write down all the times and the things that you said about yourself that are negative, self-sabotaging or self-limiting beliefs. 

The reason why that’s important is that you have to start recognizing the unconscious thought patterns that are running your days and ruining your confidence. Because you’re the only one that’s in control of your thoughts. You’re the only one that’s in control of boosting your self-confidence. 

You are the only one in control of how you feel now after you start recognizing all of the negative things you’re saying to yourself, I want you to start reframing and reprogramming. 

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#2. Twenty Things You Love About Yourself

So, I want you to start the second exercise, and it is to start making a list. I want you to list 20 things that you love about yourself. 

If you can, 50. If you really want to challenge yourself. When these negative thought patterns come in on the list, I want you to replace them with one of the positive self-affirmations you love about yourself. 

This is so important because you’re reprogramming your mind to stop thinking negatively, put an end to the negative thought patterns and start replacing them with the positive thought patterns. 

If you were the only person on the planet and you had nobody to compare yourself to how would you feel like shit about yourself. You wouldn’t know any better. Why do people feel like **** about themselves? It is because they compare themselves to people who have better results than them in their life. 

How do you get better results in your life? Simple start taking action. Stop self-sabotaging. Quit doing things that you know you’re going to beat yourself up for. Stop living in the moment and reacting off impulses. 

Start making better decisions. Start acting out of logic and not emotion. Because when you start basing your decisions and logic and not emotions, you’re going to make better decisions. What’s going to happen? You’re going to feel better about yourself what’s going to happen? You’re going to increase your confidence.

Boost Your Confidence #3. Imagine Next 5 Years

Imagine Next 5 Years - Boost Your Confidence

So, the next exercise is very powerful. I want you to create different columns, and in each column, there’s a title: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, Giving back, and Lifestyle. In those columns, I want you to write down your five-year dreams.

 I want this to be big so instead of it, maybe, just be owning a home, maybe, it owns rental properties. Regardless, they should be so big that it excites you, moves you forward, and it should scare you a little bit. 

Boost Your Confidence #4. Analyze Your Habits

The next step is I want you to analyze your habits. Why is this so important? 

Your life is just a reflection of your good habits and your good choices, and your bad habits and your bad choices. In this step, I want you to list your good habits and your bad habits, and I want you to list them all out.

And then underneath bad, I want another column about what habits do you need to create in your life today to get that dream life. 

#5. List The Action You Need To Take

List The Action You Need To Take

Now, this is the most crucial step. I need you to create a list of all the actions that you need to take that’ll going to get you to that dream life. And the reason why this is so important is that it’s great to think about everything and it’s great to have all these desires. 

But unless you’re taking action, nothing’s going to change unless you’re doing the work. You’re not going to be able to achieve it, and I want you to achieve it. How do you achieve it? By taking action toward your dream life.

For example, if you want your dream woman, you need to start putting yourself out there. You need to stop giving in to your fears and excuses. You need to start doing the things that are going to create the type of man that she’s going to be attracted to. 

It is the epitome of everything. You know what to do, you know you shouldn’t be excessively drinking and hungover for weeks on end. All of you know that you should be working harder to create more money. You know that smoking isn’t attractive and women don’t like that.

You know that it’s essential to think positively. But the hard part is doing it. It’s creating that mental discipline to actually do it. You know the right thing to do, the hard part is taking action to do it. And that’s why this step is so crucial because you need to know what actions to take in the first place to get you there. 

When you take action towards your goals, you are gaining overall confidence & self-confidence. You’re gaining momentum because you are becoming the person you know you have the potential to become. And that is how you increase your confidence. 


Now, I gave you the steps and techniques to increase your outer game confidence and your inner game confidence. And if you simultaneously work on those two, you will achieve success and results in your life.

Guys, if you didn’t write down the exercise, I want you to write down the exercise and do the exercises. 

Now, if you really want to boost your confidence and become fearless, we created a Confidence Boosters Tips How to Be More Confident Without Fear.

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Building your self-confidence isn’t some times easy when dealing with the pressures of life. But, having the right guidance can help you reach your goals and boost confidence. 

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