7 Reasons Why Processed Foods Are Bad

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We listen to that processed foods aren’t helpful for us. However, why specifically aren’t they useful for us? Do you what processed foods are? I’m going to take on inquiry in this post. I’m additionally most likely to talk about the differences between whole foods, minimally processed foods, and extremely refined foods. 

So, we are discussing processed foods and why they aren’t the very best for our health. You don’t require to remove refined foods entirely, that they are toxic and harmful for you in that sense. 

I believe it’s all about balance. I do not assume it’s sensible to eliminate processed foods. However, it is essential to understand that they aren’t the most effective selection for health and wellness. That’s what the objective of this article is. 

Before studying the seven reasons why refined foods aren’t the best option, I wished to speak about the differences between different food classifications. 

Disclaimer* – This article is based on a person who told us how she decreased her habit of eating processed foods. Based on 100% real-life example and proven. Thank You.

Know The Difference Between Processed Foods 

The first group is whole foods, the 2nd category is minimally processed foods, and the 3rd classification is heavily processed foods. I’m most likely to give you an example to discuss the distinctions. 

First Category – Whole Foods

Let’s begin with something like strawberries. Strawberries are a whole food because they are in their all-natural form. There is no fiber got rid of, no nourishment got rid. And that’s simply the method they are, that’s the way they grow, it’s a whole food. It’s a nutrient-dense food. 

The same berries can be minimally refined foods if processed a little bit as though they are still nutritious yet somewhat refined. An example would be frozen berries. 

Second Category – Minimally Processed Foods

So if you purchase frozen berries that have no added sugar, nothing is done to them. They are as they are, and they are just iced up- that would certainly be a minimally processed food. 

The processing is the freezing procedure, yet it’s not taking the nourishment excessively. The minimally refined foods are ok. An additional instance of something that is minimally-processed would certainly be almond butter. 

So almonds would certainly be the whole food. Almond butter would certainly be the minimally processed food. It’s still healthy. 

Third Category – Heavily Processed Foods

Now the 3rd category is the greatly refined foods. These are the foods that you wish to stay clear of and limit. Extensively processed food is so different, so far removed from the initial food, that it does not have the initial nourishment. 

It has a great deal of added active ingredients. So let’s go back to our strawberry instance so if I were to take strawberries and produce some berry spread. A lot of companies do this. 

That berry spread will certainly have sugarcoated. It will not have as much vitamin C as the berries. It may also have food additives and tastes. That is a heavily refined food. 

And that is not a nutritious food compared to the strawberries. Now that you recognize the differences between the multiple categories, let us discuss the seven reasons why processed foods are not so excellent for you. 

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Number 1. Reduced Vitamins & Minerals

In general, when foods are refined, they lose some of their nutrition. Let’s go back to that berry instance. When it ends up being a berry spread, the berries shed a lot of their vitamin C. 

It’s not as nourishing as the initial food. Now, a person who eats several processed foods will certainly not get enough minerals and vitamins. To ensure that’s why having a refined diet plan implies you’re not obtaining the full nutrition. 

Number 2. Processed Foods Are Lower in Fiber 

A lot of processing gets rid of the fiber from the original food. An example of this is white bread. White bread does not consist of the fiber that the initial wheat kernel has. 

So if you were to consume something like farro, the wheat kernel steamed, that actually has quite a bit of fiber, yet white bread – rarely anything. So there is that difference. 

If a person were to eat many processed foods, they wouldn’t obtain sufficient fiber compared to somebody who eats even more whole foods. 

Now, why is fiber crucial? Well, it’s important for a number of different things, mostly for digestive system health and wellness, completely defecation, and simply, generally, having your system run efficiently and having you feel fuller for longer. 

Since they obtain pleased with smaller amounts of food, people who consume more fiber tend to eat less. Currently, what regarding foods that have included fiber? 

There’s a granola bar business that does this- they add fiber. I’m not going to name them. You probably know who they are. They add fiber to their granola bars. Does that make the refined food helpful for you? I do not think so! 

Supplementing fiber to a food that doesn’t have much nutrition doesn’t help. Preferably, get your fiber from whole foods. Means to obtain fiber from real foods would be things like legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, that kind of thing. 

Number 3. Sugarcoated or Added Sugar 

So a lot of refined foods have sugarcoated. It can be in anything – salad dressings, it can be in cookies and also cakes, it can be in soups. They will add sugar for many different reasons. Occasionally it’s the taste. 

In some cases, it’s the appearance. So the good suggestion is to read the nourishment labels, so you recognize if you’re getting added sugar. 

Now when it comes to added sugar, the World Health Organization has a guideline. It’s a lie. – it’s not a limit, yet it’s a standard. It’s 25g of sugarcoated each day– no greater than that. 

But the typical American gets over 100 grams of sugarcoated a day. Where does it come from? Mainly refined foods. Suppose you lower the refined foods in your diet regimen immediately. In that case, you’re eating more whole foods, as well as less processed foods that don’t have included sugar. 

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Number 4. Additives

Additives - processed foods

A lot of processed foods consist of a range of additives. Points like stabilizers, man-made food colorings, artificial tastes, uh what else? Gums, texturizers, whatever. There is plenty of various additives. 

I know many people on the internet will inform you – additives are hazardous. I differ with that said because not all additives are bad for you, yet a number of them can be. So whenever you’re in doubt, do your research study. 

Read the nourishment tag and do your analysis. And also, determine if it’s something you intend to have or something you should avoid. Currently, the various other things I wished to say concerning additives. Additives influence everybody differently. So MSG is an example.

MSG does not affect every person the same way. Some people can tolerate it with minimal issues. Some individuals can not. The very same point goes for a lot of gums. 

Nut milk contains gums like locust bean gum, xanthan gum tissue, carrageenan. Once more, with periodontal, everyone is a bit different. Somebody that has an extremely solid gastrointestinal system can take care of the majority of them. Some people with weaker food digestion can not. 

So with ingredients, it depends on the person and my ideology: stay clear of having a lot of in your diet plan because you wear know just how they might affect you long-lasting. 

Number 5: Processed Foods Can Alter Your Taste Preferences 

Slowly I was making it more challenging to stick with the whole foods. So most refined foods are engineered to taste-tempting and to be very tempting. 

Food designers, food researchers, great deals of different individuals work on developing products that you can’t quit eating. So it’s like a bag of chips. 

You assume you’re going to have a couple of, and after that, you have the entire pack. Chips are crafted to taste that excellent. So with processed foods, what occurs is over time, your tastebuds get so habitual to that strike of taste that whole foods start to taste kind of – meh—sort of bland. 

When I used to consume many processed foods, precisely the sweet kinds, I was so made use of that sugary flavor. That hit of sweetness that I could not take pleasure in points like an apple or an orange. Because it didn’t have that exact same hit- it wasn’t pleasurable as sweet kinds. 

Now that I’ve shifted to a whole foods diet and I limit my processed foods, I enjoy my fruit quite a bit. And occasionally, I find fruit is sweet too! So my tastebuds have transformed since I’ve changed my diet substantially. Yet, I believe eating as well as much-processed foods keep you in that refined food area. 

Number 6: Processed Foods Contain Refined Carbohydrates.

Carbs are not evil. You can eat carbs and be healthy. It relies on just how much you eat, what you consume it with, and your physique, and the most considerable point – where are you getting those carbs? 

So when it involves carbohydrates – whole food carbs- carbs that originate from real whole foods that have not been changed (in their initial kind) are the most effective kind of carb. 

It’s the polished carbs – the ultra-processed foods which contain those fine-tuned carbohydrates – that’s the trouble. What exactly is the issue with refined carbs? 

Well, it causes blood sugar level spikes. So what takes place when you consume them is you have that big rush of blood glucose, and afterward you have that drop, and after that, you’re starving once more. 

If you’re frequently snacking, frequently starving, never completely satisfied, the reason for that is there is not enough fiber as well. 

So polished carbohydrates in processed foods are the trouble. Fine examples would certainly be cookies, muffins, cakes, white bread, as well as white pasta. The best choice really is to stick to whole foods when it comes to your carbohydrates. 

Number 7: Processed foods are Connected With Obesity 

Yes, processed foods are connected with modifications in metabolic rate along with a higher cancer cell threat in certain instances. I’ll put a couple of the scientific peer-reviewed journal short articles at the end of this article so that you can review them. 

The reason why processed food has a negative impact on health is because of two things. This is just how I watch it. One is the fact that it’s so simple to overprocessed foods. They’re appealing. They’re tempting. 

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You tend to eat a lot, and afterward, that can cause weight gain in some individuals. But the biggest thing is when you’re eating a lot of refined foods, you’re crowding out the whole foods that might have become part of your diet plan, as well as you’re crowding out all that excellent nutrition that you can have gotten from your whole foods. 

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In that sense, a processed food diet doesn’t have as many vitamins and minerals, and phytochemicals. All those advantages keep you healthy and balanced. To make sure that truly is the primary problem with refined foods. I hope this article was helpful and you found out something new. Or if you didn’t find out something brand-new, it worked as a refresher course for why you’re avoiding refined foods. 

That’s it for this article. Thank You.

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Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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