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We often judge a person by how smart he is because intellect is what makes a person successful. How mentally strong he/she is. That’s true to a certain extend. However, multiple studies have shown that emotional intelligence is far more important. 

People with higher emotional intelligence tend to have better relationships, stronger friendships, and, in general, tend to be more successful in life. And that’s not by accident because, as humans, we are emotional creatures. 

We befriend people we trust and enjoy being around. We work with people who know how to deal with other people. But emotional intelligence isn’t something that you are born with. Often it’s a skill that you should learn. 

Let’s find out if you are a mentally strong person or not. Here are the seven signs of mental strength.

1. Mentally Strong People are Not Reactive

Mentally strong people are not reactive. I remember back in college, the students who use to get bad grades would always complain about everything. Like, the textbook was difficult to understand, the teacher wasn’t good enough, the paper was harder than they expected. And that’s what reactive people do. They always focus on the things they can control. 

On the other hand, a proactive person would say that the textbook is quite difficult to understand, and the lecturer isn’t the best, but that’s not something I can control. 

So instead of focusing on the thing that I can’t change, why don’t I focus on the things that I can control? I can control the amount of time and effort that I can put in to get ready for this test. And that’s the difference between a proactive person and a reactive. 

Reactive people are more concerned about their environment. If the weather is good, the food good, if it’s not, then it’s going to negatively impact their attitude and performance. 

But a mentally strong person understands that he has absolutely no control over the weather, so whether it shines or rains, they don care, they only focus on what they can control.  

2. Mentally Strong People Do Not Compare Themselves To Others

People often value their worth by comparing themselves to others. If you haven’t achieved as much as your peers, you probably worth a lot less. And in the world of social media and Instagram, it has only got worse. 

Every time you pull out your phone to check out what’s going in your Instagram feed, you come across your friends who are doing something great, who’s lives seem a lot better than yours. 

That destroys your self-esteem because you were on the same level a while ago, and somehow, they have surpassed you. But mentally strong people understand that life, in general, is not a competition, and comparing your worst times to your friend’s best times isn’t wise. That will only lead to depression and anxiety. 

Then, how should you measure your progress? By comparing yourself to who you were yesterday? 

If you are moving forward, if you are changing your life for the better, then you are on the right track! We are all different in many ways, and your journey on this planet is going to be unique to you. 

The moment you compare yourself to others, you put yourself down, and mentally strong people understand that.

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3. Mentally Strong People are Self-Reliance

Mentally healthy people know that the only person they can rely entirely on is themselves. Of course, friends and family are essential, and their help is crucial. But the truth is everyone is concerned about himself or herself first. And there is nothing wrong with that. That’s human nature. 

How many times you were counting on a friend or a family member, but they let you down. Set your expectations low. Don’t expect too much from people because you will end up disappointed. 

In fact, don’t expect anything from anyone, and no one will ever disappoint you, and when someone helps you out, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

4. They Understand Life Is Unfair 

Everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences injustice. That’s when we think that life is unfair, but the truth is life has never been fair. 

You don’t choose where you are born, and yet being born in a first-world country gives you significantly higher chances to be successful compare if you are born in a third-world country where you have to spend at least 12 hours a day just to put food on the table. 

Y’all don’t choose your parents, genes, or talents. You might be the most careful driver in the world, but someone else might be driving while he is drunk and might cross the red light and hit you where you end up losing your legs, for example. 

It wasn’t your fault, but yet you ended up losing your legs. If you expect life to be fair to you, you won’t go far.  

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5. You Can’t Please Everyone

A wise man once said: “if you want to be please everyone, go and sell ice-cream!” If you want to be a leader, if you want to achieve something great, you will have to upset some people, you will have competitors, you will have enemies, or at least there will be some people who won’t like you. 

Take an example of any successful person, bill gates, for example. He is not an angel, of course, but he has given billions of dollars to different charity organizations, spent billions of dollars to cure malaria in Africa. 

Bill Gates tried his best to prepare the world for such a pandemic, invested billions into companies to help them develop a vaccine faster, and yet there are millions of people who hate him, criticize him and spread different conspiracies about him. 

He is just one example. That’s the case with every other successful person. Even if you achieve slightly more than your friends, they could get jealous and try to take you down or criticize you at least. And that’s just one side of it. 

In life, you will have to take tough decisions. You will have to say NO to people so that you will have the time to work on your projects.

6. Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

Being mentally strong doesn’t just mean being able to stand your ground. It also means being emotionally strong enough to confront your deepest beliefs. As a human being, you are subject to mistakes and weaknesses. You cannot avoid that. 

If you are not ready to change your opinion when you find out you are wrong, then you are mentally weak because only the strongest people have the ability to discipline their emotions and don’t let anger or pride stand in their way. 

If you are bad at something, instead of denying it, pick up a book and learn. Don’t expect to be born perfect. It’s absolutely normal to have flaws. The challenge is to recognize that and put the effort to change it.

7. Mentally Strong People Take The Extra Mile

A lot of times, the difference between success and failure is that extra step which a lot of people don’t take because they give up too early. Have you watched Elon Musk’s interview when both of his companies were on the brink of bankruptcy?

Tesla was running out of cash, and SpaceX’s third lunch failed, and they didn’t have enough money to try again. Investors were suspicious about the future of the company, and musk was almost broke. When he was asked why isn’t giving up, he replied: I would have to be dead to give up. 

That is an example of a mentally strong person. He used his last dollars and miraculously saved his companies. When you are at the gym doing pull-ups, and you feel like you can’t do more, that’s when you have to push yourself to do another one. That extra pull up is one that’s going to make a difference. 

If you tried ten times and used ten different ways, but you still failed, get up and try one more time. 

“When you get knocked down, don’t stay down; get back up again. Nothing good is going to happen as long as you’re down on yourself.” -Joel Osteen. 

These are the signs of a mentally strong individual. You might have some of them and luck others. But it’s not a big deal because as Long as you are willing to put in the effort, you have the ability to learn them all. 

Believing in yourself to take the extra mile or focusing on things you can control instead of the things you have no control over is a choice. And this choice comes as a result of your mentality, so start with your mind. 

Be strong enough to recognize your weakness, acknowledge your mistakes, and write down a plan on how you are going to raise your emotional intelligence and become mentally unbreakable. 

Professional Help

IF you are struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, health anxiety, BPD, or something else, consider taking help from professionals. OnlineTherapy is the world’s best platform you get, and we have given a link to their website. You can get started for FREE. Give it a try.

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Now it’s your turn to let me know which one of these signs is the most important one? And which one is your favorite one. Comment down below to keep the conversation going! That’s it for this article. Thank You!

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