7 Weird Ways To Last Longer In Bed

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Disclaimer – This article is reviewed and approved by urologists(male sex experts) and Gynecologists(female sex experts). The language used in this article is a bit rough to help you understand better. Thank You! Stay till the end to know the best of best ways to last longer in bed. Let’s get started.


That is a clip from a sex meditation for premature ejaculation. Now you are probably like, What??? Do they do sex meditations?? When did I miss out on this?

Well, let me tell you, sex meditations like this ACTUALLY work well. They made me go from lasting 20 minutes to lasting as long as I wanted. It was like I became some sort of sex-machine monk who could levitate and have orgies with Buddha himself. 

But I mean, come on, bro, you really think people are leaving all their material possessions behind to go on ‘meditation retreats? You know they have to be fuckin like cats and dogs their bro. But we are not here to only talk about meditation.

My brethren, I summon you here today to give you the seven no-BS ways I’ve found most useful for lasting longer in bed. Because according to the American Urological Association (AUA), premature ejaculation is the most common form of male sexual dysfunction, affecting about one in three men aged 18 to 59… 

And don’t worry, it’s not going to be some nonsense like thinking about your grandma or trying to do long division in your head. That would be weird, or the worst one, just have more extended foreplay! 

Duuuude, I’m trying to learn how to last longer DURING sex, not during foreplay. That’s some terrible advice, man! 

The simple fact is, most premature ejaculation is caused by some form of anxiety, a feeling that, in some way or another, you’re not good enough for the girl you’re having sex with. 

Maybe you’re not blessed with a large peepee, and perhaps you won’t be able to make her orgasm…, or maybe it’s just nervousness because you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing while poking around down there. 

Whatever it may be… the key to solving your premature ejaculation is to get rid of the anxiety you’ve associated with sex. All these tips are going to help you smash that anxiety, no pun intended! 

#1. Last Longer In Bed – Take a Nap

Yes, take a nap before the date or before you plan on having sex. You know me. I’m a bit of a nerd. I was reading some of the scientific literature on premature ejaculation, and it stated that when you’re sleep-deprived, your sexual performance takes a huge hit. 

Not to mention, sleep helps reduce the level of anxiety you experience day-to-day… you should be doing this anyway! So if you know you’re going to be getting it on the next day, make sure to get a full 8-9 hours the night before so you and your little man will be ready to do God’s work.

If you can’t fit it in the night before- no pun intended, then just try to squeeze in a 20-45 minute nap before the date.

#2. If You Feel Like You’re Getting Close, JUST TELL HER!

I almost never deal with premature ejaculation anymore, so when I’m having sex normally, and I feel myself inching closer to explosion-town, all I do is pull out and tell the girl, “Oh man, you’re making me want to come,” and then just start kissing her or continuing things in a different way with no penetration for a few seconds. 

Girls LOVE this. You’re confident enough, to be honest with them, and you’re giving them a huge compliment by saying that SHE is making you want to finish. And then, since you’re trying to keep your juices pent up in the downstairs dungeon, you passionately kiss her after giving her one of the best compliments possible during sex.

She feels good about herself, she feels sexy, and you get to last longer while being honest about it instead of trying to hide it and be like “uh oh wait for a second I have to pause for a second duhhh uh” like you’re trying to order a meal in a foreign country. 

You can do this as many times as you want. The girl will love it as long as you remain engaged with her in other ways, such as stimulating her with your hands, grabbing her body, kissing her, and so on. 

The girl will often pause with you, and you guys just kiss for a while until you have things under control. 

It makes the sex feel so much more natural because you’re communicating to her what’s going on, and you guys are solving it like a team. 

You can literally do this with your long-time girlfriend or a girl you just met. It works well because she’ll love the compliment and immediately feel more comfortable no matter the girl. 

Sometimes, saying this will turn the girl on so much that she’ll actually WANT you to finish and help you do it right then and there, in which case you guys both win!

Trying to keep it up, trying to last long, making sure it feels good for her, and lying about what’s going on are way too many things to juggle, no pun intended, haha. Being honest allows you to clear out the noise in your head and focus on just one thing: lasting longer.

#3. Last Longer In Bed – Buy Multiple Condoms & Practice

Yes, that’s right. Buy multiple condoms and practice alternating thickness over a period of time. Maybe you use thicker ones for your first few times, so you can get used to what the sensation feels like and learn to control it at that level. 

Then once you have that level under control, get slightly thinner condoms for a few weeks, then move on to slightly thinner, and so on. 

It’s like a video game with boss fights. They don’t make you fight the big final level boss until the very end. Similarly, you shouldn’t try to go in there with ultra-thin condoms on your first rodeo if you know you have trouble lasting long. Like a video game, your condom thickness needs a healthy progression. 

I actually did this when I was experiencing a different problem. I was having trouble getting it and keeping it up with girls I was sleeping with. 

This was back when I was a young guy in my very early 20s… I remember thinking – I’m not supposed to have erectile dysfunction. That’s only for old guys in commercials! 

I solved it by getting myself erect, quickly slipping on the thinnest condoms possible, and immediately going off to the races. It helped keep me aroused and rock hard through the rest of my pleasure-filled adventure.

#4. Last Longer In Bed – Kegels Plus Sex Meditation

Last Longer In Bed - Kegels plus sex meditation

Now, Kegels plus sex meditation equals sex GOD. It’s a no-brainer that if you have anxiety, meditating will be helpful. Doing meditations where you’re focused on sex force you to confront your uncomfortable feelings and make peace with them. 

It makes you way more chill and laid back in the bedroom because you know exactly how to control it once the anxiety starts. It gives you a second to take a step back and just breathe before conquering what’s in front of you.

Now when you combine the sex meditation with Kegels, you’re not only training your mental sex muscles but your physical sex muscles as well. Your body has no choice but to last long! Kegels are exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, aka the same muscles that help you control your urge to bust a load. 

Don’t know how to do Kegels? Well, I got your back. I included a link at the end of this article from Harvard Health. In that, they have explained how to properly do kegel exercises, complete with sets and repetitions – legit, I know! You guys know me. I’m not just going to sit around flexing my balls for no good reason… this shit works! 

Next time you’re doing meditation, incorporate Kegels. Once you’re already relaxed and in the zone, it’ll help you smash your sex goals.

#6 Use Benzocaine Wipes

Now you must be thinking, what the hell is benzocaine wipes? How can benzocaine wipes help you to last longer in bed? Well, let me tell you the Gospel… these are special “wipes” embedded with a mild anesthetic. Use benzocaine in order to help reduce premature ejaculation.

When I heard about this, I was like, what the fuck? I can just wipe up my junk, and boom. Is it slightly numb and ready to go for hours? That’s awesome! Keep this one in your sex arsenal, and you’ll be lasting longer than Johnny Sins in no time. 

I mean, c’mon, it’s quarantine, I’m here with a harem of women, and I gotta keep the bedroom interesting since I’m spending so much extra time here… what else are you expecting from me?

Get Your Benzocaine Wipes HERE

#6. Last Longer In Bed – Supplement with L-citrulline

L-Citrulline is common among bodybuilders for providing improved blood circulation and a better pump during your workouts… All that blood flow is good for keeping a consistent and strong boner. 

This is useful for a few reasons: If you ejaculate too early, having more robust blood flow will improve your chances of getting a second erection. The stronger and more consistent your erection, the easier it is to control. 

Sometimes, I used to have trouble getting it up because I’d be so nervous that my body figured, ‘hey, let’s just shut off his penis, and he won’t have to deal with the stressful situation of having sex with a smokin’ hot girl and worrying if he’s good enough.’ 

But wait, it gets worse… Even if I did get it up, I’d have to try really hard to keep it up. And then trying to keep it erect and hard enough for sex made me force too much pressure on it – making me cum really fast. It was a whole fucking ordeal, man. 

I’m just a God looking to get some consistency in my cock, man. Worrying about the performance is stressful enough. I don’t need my erections to be an issue as well. L-Citrulline works by boosting nitric oxide production in the body. 

Nitric oxide helps your arteries relax and work better. Which improves blood flow throughout your body and your…. well, I don’t need to tell ya, haha. If you have trouble getting it up, it’ll be another stressor, and once you do get it up, you may have so much anxiety about keeping it up that it makes you cum really fast, as it did for me. 

Keeping your erection up and consistent is an excellent way to keep things smooth and moving. And, although L-citrulline is a good alternative, treatments like sildenafil and Tadalafil have been proven to work better, according to WebMD.

#7. Last Longer In Bed – Only Focus on What Makes The Girl Feelgood

There are plenty of positions that are highly stimulating for women but aren’t very stimulating for the guy. If you want to last longer, then find the positions that are less stimulating for you but still make her feel good. 

It varies from guy to guy, but in certain positions like missionary with her legs, up high and deeper penetration feels excellent for the girl but less suitable for the guy. 

Experiment with different positions each time you have sex and practice lasting longer with the positions that feel the least stimulating. 

Practising while actually doing it is the best way to last longer when you’re in the most pleasurable positions because you’re learning how to last longer while actually having sex. 

Not to mention, you’re making the girl feel good, so it’s a win-win. And that, my friends, this is it.

Take Help From Professionals 

If you still think you cannot last longer in bed, consider taking Professional Therapy. Now, from where should I take Professional Therapy? You might be thinking, right? But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

We have linked the Best Platform from where you can take Professional Therapy. The best reason to take this therapy is, it will be online, you don’t have to go anywhere, and mainly your privacy will not be disclosed to anyone. They treat problems related to sex(including how to last longer in bed), depression, panic attacks, insomnia and many more.

I hope this article will help you. If yes, then leave a comment and share it with someone who needs to see this. If you know more tricks about how Last Longer in Bed, then comment down. That was the Seven Weird Ways To Last Longer In Bed. Thank You!

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