9 Guaranteed Benefits Of CHIA SEEDS

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Be Healthy Be Fit brings You: 9 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds. The Salvia, Hispanica plant also known as chia, has origins in Mexico and Guatemala and comes from the mint family. Chia seeds are tiny, flat, and oval-shaped seeds. It is considered to have been a staple food for the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. 

The word, “chia”, actually indicates “Strength”, in ancient Mayan. Legend has it that ancient Aztec warriors had a ritual of eating a spoonful of chia seeds before a battle. They consumed this plant because it gave them energy and kept them satiated for a long period of time. Due to their bland flavor, almost everything can be added to or mixed with chia seeds! Now, let’s look at 9 ways in which Chia seeds are beneficial for your health.

Number 1 – Packed With Fiber

Fiber is a substance that stimulates food digestion and colon cleansing, and chia seeds are one of the best fiber sources in the world. One tablespoon of chia seeds packs an incredible 4 grams of fiber. This is about 20 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake. 

By contrast, the same amount of brown rice contains just 2 grams of fiber. While dietary fiber can help lower our cholesterol levels and help our digestive health, statistics show that most women in the United States are only eating about 15 grams per day, far short of the recommended 25 grams.

Number 2 – Fights Constipation

The fiber found in chia seeds consists of insoluble and soluble fiber. These two should be incorporated into your diet if you want to lose weight. If you have a hard time losing weight, the answer might lie in constipation. In order to lose weight, you have to keep your digestive system on track and break the cycle of chronic constipation. 

These small wonder seeds might be of great help when it comes to accomplishing this task. According to research, soluble fiber has an ability to preserve more water in your stool, causing waste to be larger, softer, and easier to pass through your intestines.

Number 3 – Chia Seeds Help Maintain Cardiovascular Health

There are remarkable assured benefits that chia seeds deliver to your heart. First, it is a long established fact that omega-3’s found in chia seeds may reduce inflammation. Further, omega-3 may also decrease the risk of thrombosis and arrhythmias. As a result, the risk of heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac death will drastically decrease. 

Omega 3s found in chia seeds are also capable of decreasing LDL, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, improve endothelial function, reduce atherosclerotic plaque, and lower blood pressure.

Number 4 – Boost Your Energy

According to legend, it was Mayans and Aztecs who first used chia seeds as an energy drink. Since then, chia seeds have proved to fuel performance. This is because the mix of slow-digesting fiber and carbohydrates provide you with long-lasting and pumping energy. 

Chia seeds are responsible for the slower conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, which means that the carbs you consume will fuel your body for a longer period of time. Also, you will have no need for sugar intake, since you feel satiated because of the nutrients coming from the seeds.

Number 5 – Chia Seeds Are Packed With Protein

Chia seeds are an excellent protein source. Particularly for people who do not eat meat and animal products. They are great both pre and post-workout because they are rich in protein. One serving (28 grams) of chia seeds contains 140 calories and 4.8 grams of high-quality protein. When compared to eggs that typically have 5.5 grams of protein and 80 calories per serving, chia seeds have the advantage. 

In terms of protein, chia seeds also have an advantage over most plants. They also contain a decent amount of essential amino acids. Nevertheless, chia seeds should be viewed as a supplement to a healthy diet, not a meal replacement.

Number 6 – Mood Booster

One of the most helpful benefits of chia seeds is it can actually make you feel happier. Isn’t that amazing? This is because the amino acid tryptophan found in them. This powerful amino acid has the ability to help you with sleep-deprivation, thus making you sleep like a baby. So if you have found yourself in a grouchy mood lately, try Chia seeds to boost your mood.

Number 7 – Chia Seeds Are Rich In Antioxidants

Besides having many other potent nutrients, chia seeds also have a high amount of antioxidants in them. These antioxidants also have the quality of protecting the sensitive seed fats from going rancid. 

Many people turn to chemical-based antioxidant supplements, which are not very effective. It’s much better to get antioxidants from whole foods or food in general. These incredible seeds are also known to fight off free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.

Number 8 – Chia Seeds Are Good For Bones

Chia seeds are enriched with calcium, protein, magnesium, and phosphorus; all the elements necessary for the formation of healthy and strong bones. It is hard to believe, but chia seeds indeed have 18% of the daily Recommended Dietary Intake of calcium in a single ounce, which is far more than most dairy products, and thanks to this, people who are intolerant to dairy products can greatly benefit from these seeds.

Number 9 – Help Your Teeth

benefits of chia seeds - help you teeth

Not many people know this benefits of chia seeds. Being packed with zinc, calcium, vitamin A, and phosphorus, it comes as no surprise that chia seeds can do wonders for your teeth. Just like for bones, calcium is essential in building healthy and strong teeth. As for zinc, it prevents tarter by preventing plaque from mineralizing onto your teeth. It also has an antibacterial effect and kills the germs that cause bad breath. Being loaded with fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, these nutrients make these seeds very potent and healthy. Not only are they capable of preserving your health, but they can also reduce the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. 

Nutritional Information:

28 grams(one ounce) serving of chia seeds contains:

  • Fiber: 11 grams.
  • Protein: 4 grams.
  • Fat: 9 grams (5 of which are omega-3s).
  • Calcium: 18% of the RDI.
  • Manganese: 30% of the RDI.
  • Magnesium: 30% of the RDI.
  • Phosphorus: 27% of the RDI.
  • They also contain a decent amount of zinc, vitamin B3 (niacin), potassium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), and vitamin B2.

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