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Hello friends! Welcome to Be Healthy Be Fit. In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of regular exercise? Spot the word regularly. You will only get these benefits if you do regular exercise. You will say that you do exercise once a week and you are not getting any results or any of these benefits which we are going to discuss.

The benefits and justification for regular exercise cannot be questioned. Based on scientific facts, regular exercise gives you the following benefits:


Weight Loss

lose weight by doing regular exercise

Regular exercise means that you are burning extra calories on a daily basis. Unless you start overeating, you can expect a steady weight loss with regular exercise.

The total weight loss will depend on the number of calories and the type of exercise. Millions of adults in their middle years tend to gain between 9-18 kgs of extra body weight.

With moderate exercise, a weight loss of 9-18 kgs after 12 to 18 months is not unusual. Wouldn’t it be nice to lose all those flab? Being overweight is a definite risk factor for heart disease. Weight reduction also reduces your risk of heart disease.

Lowering Of Blood Cholesterol

Regular physical exercise, especially the aerobic type, is known to increase in the level of HDL(good cholesterol) and reduction of LDL(bad cholesterol). Although in most cases, exercise alone may result in only modest alteration.

These beneficial changes are especially pronounced in obese adults who managed to lose between 5-15% of their body weight as a result of regular exercise and dietary changes.

Several studies have noted that a physically active person tend to have higher HDL levels and lower LDL levels. Although the precise mechanism remains unclear. Because of an increase in the metabolism of lipids HDL rises and LDL lowers. This happens both the time that is during exercise and after exercise.

Control Of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure puts a strain on the walls of the blood vessels. Such blood vessels are viable to the collection of cholesterol within their walls, thus narrowing their lumen or inner cavity.

As read above, exercise helps in the reduction of LDL. Which, in turn, lessens the availability of bad cholesterol and subsequent narrowing of arteries. Though the benefits of exercise, in this case, is an indirect one. Its importance should be undermined.

Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Heart muscles work better with regular exercise. The heart of an athlete can work more efficiently and has a lower oxygen requirement. Regular exercise can stop the narrowing and hardening of your coronary arteries (atherosclerosis).

Moreover, as a result of regular exercise, your heart develops extra blood channels that ensure better and improved blood supply to the heart muscle. Thereby helping to prevent the development of coronary heart disease.

Reduction In The Risk Of Other diseases

  1. Diabetes Mellitus – Regular exercise reduces your risk of developing diabetes mellitus. Especially the form of diabetes that is commonly seen in people after the age of 35 ( type 2 diabetes)
  2. Gallstones( kidney stones) – Obese people have an increased chance of developing stones in their gall bladders. Those who exercise regularly are noted to have a lower rate of gallstones.
  3.  Stroke –Regular exercise reduces the risk of stroke by lowering your blood pressure. And also it reduces your hardening of the arteries of your brain.
  4. Circulatory Diseases – The incidence of peripheral vascular disease is lower in those individuals who participate in regular exercise programs.

Other Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Improvement Of General Well-Being

Exercise helps in increasing your overall body resistance and endurance. The prevalence of anxiety and depression in much lower in those who exercise regularly as well.

Strengthening Of Bones And Muscles

Healthy bones and muscles

Exercise strengthens your bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Those who exercise remain fir and active till later years of life. Osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become brittle and break easily. This condition is less common in people who exercise.

Improvement In Sexual Vigour

Exercise provides numerous other benefits. Your sex life gets better as you do regular exercise. Meaning studies have shown that regular exercise improves your sex life. Remember, sexual fitness goes with general body fitness.

Exercise And Heart Rate

Exercise and heart rate connection

There has been a lot of debate regarding the heart rate during exercise. A normal has a resting heart (pulse) rate between 70-75 beats per minute. After 1-2 months of regular exercise, you can expect to have a resting heart rate of 60-70 beats per minute. This is one of the best benefits of regular exercise.

During the 20-30 minutes of your exercise, your pulse rate rises. You should never let your pulse rate go above 220, minus your age.

Let’s understand it by taking an example. If you are 40 years old, do not let your pulse rate go above 220-40=180 beats per minute. 180 is your upper limit if your age is 40 years.

Seventy percent of 180 gives you a target heart rate of 126. Now, you will think, what about our lower limit, right? If, during exercise, your pulse rate has gone from a resting pulse of 75 to only 85. You are not doing exercise vigorously enough.

A range below 25 to the maximum is considered as a desirable limit. For example, for a 40-year-old person, achieving a pulse rate of 155 beats per minute during exercise, would be considered desirable.

Patients taking beta-blocking agents for hypertension or coronary heart disease(CHD) normally have a lower pulse rate. Thus, their pulse rate may not increase very much during exercise.

Elderly people also failed to show a substantial increase in their pulse rate during exercise.

How To Track Heart-Rate

Now, how you can track your heart rate during the workout? This is where fitness bands come in. I would suggest you take one fitness band instead of a regular watch. There are other benefits of a fitness band rather than just measuring your heart rate. One of the best benefits of smart watch/band is – it can track your heart rate 24 hours! It also calculates how many calories you burned.

I will link the best fitness band/watch.

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