How To Eat More But Not Gain Weight?

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When it comes to eating a lot without gaining weight, there are two ways you could look at this. Either as enjoying things like special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and things like that. Or, looking at it as more long-term where you can eat more food all the time without gaining weight. 

Don’t worry I’m going to break down how to do both in this article. Alright, since at the release of this article anyway, we are coming up on the holiday season here in all major countries, we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, we got Christmas right behind it. 

So let’s start with the short-term thought process of being able to eat more food without getting fat. But make sure you stick around to the end of the article because, in the second part of this article, I will be talking about how to eat more food all the time, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to eat more food? 

Now there are several strategies we can take to be able to enjoy more food on special occasions without getting fatter. And I’m going to give you five tips today to help. And while I am going to give you strategies. Strategies I think the most important thing to understand is that almost pretty much no matter what, you cannot make yourself fat from one day of overeating. 

Sure, you may gain a pound or two fat if you really overdo it, but that’s not the same as making you fat. It takes several weeks or months of being off plan for this to happen, and this is why the all-or-nothing mentality is such a killer. 

Several Strategies

One thing to keep in mind is that a pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories. So technically, if you maintain your weight on say, 2,000 calories, it would require you to eat 9,000 calories in one day to gain two pounds of fat in a single day. 

This is where you need to realize that fat and weight are not the same thing cause while a day of overeating may lead to several pounds up on the scale the following day, most of this is due to water, weight, and things like digestion and bloating and a lot of that’s going to come off within the next few days. 

If you’re someone who weighs yourself frequently, but you find that seeing a day that’s much higher than it should be on the scale messes with you mentally, then I would strongly suggest that after a day of overeating, you don’t get back on the scale for a few days and let things settle and see where they are then. 

But with that out of the way, here are some tips you can to be able to eat a lot of food at one time but keep your weight relatively steady. 

How To Eat More & Not Gain Weight? Tip #1. Fasting 

Tip number one is if you know you’re going to be splurging later in the day, you can use a fasting approach leading into it. By fasting in the morning, you have basically allowed yourself not to have any calories leading into the surplus. So, you’re ahead of the game when you get to it.

Hell, some people even take an OMAD approach, which stands for one meal a day. And while I’m not necessarily suggesting you have to do this although, it’s something you could, because if you’re eating all your food at one time or in a shorter time-restricted window, it’s much easier to eat a lot of the foods that you enjoy and not go way over your calories for the day. 

How To Eat More & Not Gain Weight? Tip #2. Save Up Calories

Tip number two is to actually save up some calories leading into that day or even potentially taking some away after as well. By eating a little bit less than you normally would, you were able to kind of bank calories, so to speak so. When you do overeat on that one day, your net for the week stays relatively close. 

Now I definitely don’t recommend starving yourself to lead up that day. But if you take away 100-200 calories daily and potentially even again afterward, you leave a lot of room to be able to eat much more food, and you can offset some of that overage. 

How To Eat More & Not Gain Weight? Tip #3. Eat Only Foods You Enjoy

Now tip number three is something that not many people will think about. But I think it can be a big help and that is don’t eat foods that you don’t enjoy. 

This is an especially big help for days like Thanksgiving and Christmas when there’s kind of, a lot of junk around, and you’re going to be doing a lot of eating just because food is there. This doesn’t mean you have to eat it. In fact, why waste calories on food that you don’t even enjoy when you could have more room for things that you like. 

In fact, if you eat the same amount of the foods that you do enjoy, then don’t eat all the junk filler stuff that you don’t like. You’ll eat fewer total calories while still being satisfied with what you got to eat for the day. 

Although, I will say this is a good tip as well as a kind of like a bonus tip. Make sure you still eat a good protein source with all your meals because it’s going to help you feel fuller. So especially like on special events, when you’ve got that delicious food around, make sure you fill up on that but then still enjoy the other stuff you like too. 

How To Eat More & Not Gain Weight? Tip #4. Only Eat Until You Are Full

Now tip number four is to go ahead and eat what you want to eat until you’re full. But understand the difference between being full and still wanting to eat. 

The part that gets a lot of people is they continue to eat after they’re full, and this takes the enjoyment out of it, and the only reason you’re eating is that your “off-plan,” but you’re not even enjoying it at this point. 

I’m all for enjoying the day life is all about experiences and memories. And honestly, I don’t think very many people should be worried about tracking and staying on a diet during things like Christmas and anniversaries and birthdays unless you have something really important that you need to be leaner for, like a show. That’s probably not going to be you. 

Enjoy what you want, eat the foods you want, don’t feel guilty, but know when to stop. 

How To Eat More & Not Gain Weight? Tip #5. Pre-Burn Calories

Tip number five is to do some exercise earlier in the morning before everything to have started, and this way, you can put those calories to better use as you started, from a net negative. 

I’m not a big fan of doing extra cardio to kind of makeup for any overage. I think that’s a very slippery slope to go down, but as a one-off kind of a thing where it’s planned, in advance and you’re not trying to react to something. Doing something like a brisk walk or even just going in for a good training session ahead of time can be very helpful. 

Please don’t ever think of exercise as a form of punishment. That is not somewhere you want to go, and it’s not a battle you’re going to win, okay. Now, switching over to be able to eat more food ALL the time without getting fat. There are surely some strategies you can take to do this. 

Long History Of Dieting

If you have a long history of dieting, chances are your metabolism has become suppressed from this making it so you maintain your weight on lower calories than you’d like. 

In fact, you’ve probably noticed every single time you diet, the dieting gets harder and harder. And this is because your body has this self-defense mechanism against starvation. It slows your metabolism down to prevent you from losing more fat. 

So if you want to be able to eat more food without slapping on a bunch of weight, you need to take some time to get your metabolism back into a better place, and you do this with a process called reverse dieting. 

Reverse Dieting

Reverse dieting is where you slowly increase your calories over time and allow your metabolism to pick back up and lower your body’s defense. And by taking it slow, you will allow the body to keep up with the changes in calories without storing a lot of extra body fat in your body. 

For instance, if you were maintaining your weight on about 1,500 calories and if you just jumped your calories right up to 2,000 right away, your body cannot handle this, and you’ll be in a big surplus and store body fat pretty quickly. 

Instead, if you made small changes and bumped up your calories by saying maybe 50. Then you will be eating 1550 calories every day for the week. And you keep making these small changes over time eventually, you get your calories up to a better place, your metabolism has improved, and now you’re in a position to be able to eat more food. Furthermore, you will have severely minimized the chances of gaining extra body fat by taking it slowly. 

Understand The Difference

Understand that there’s a very large difference between potentially gaining a small amount of fat and actually getting fat. These are very different things. Okay, another thing you can do to be able to eat more food and not gain fat is to increase your protein intake. 

Protein has a very high thermic effect on food, and it makes it hard to store as body fat. Not only is it hard to store as body fat, but it’s also very filling. So if your goal is to just eat more volume, that’s a great way to do it. It will help keep you from overeating on other things as well. 

Want to know more about Thermic Effect Of Food(TEF)? Consider reading this article – THEORY OF SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS

Speaking of protein, you’ve probably heard that protein is what builds muscle. You’ve probably seen that most bodybuilders eat a very high protein diet. This is true, but another thing they do is strength train. 

Honestly, strength training is one of the best things you can possibly do to improve your metabolism and be able to eat more food. Because the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. Strength training not only increases your metabolism but obviously, you get the calorie burn from the exercise as well, and it’s just a win-win. 

In fact, that extra food now becomes fuel for your muscles. And as much as strength training does help, and I do encourage it even if you hate it. You can still live some sort of active lifestyle that you enjoy, and it will help you eat more food without getting fat because you’ll get that expenditure. 

Don’t Diet All The Time

Now another thing, and while this does relate back to the reverse dieting, I was talking about an important thing that you need to make sure that you’re not doing is dieting all the time. 

You cannot diet on and off frequently and expect to be able to eat a lot of food without gaining fat. That’s the very thing that makes you fat. 

So make sure you’re spending plenty of time out of a calorie deficit giving your time with the reverse, and you’ll be able to eat piles of food. Just love it, and then make sure when you do diet down the road that you properly reverse diet out to keep yourself from rapidly gaining weight. 

Professional Help

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Well, I hope you found this article helpful. If you did share it with your friends and family who have the same problem. It will help them also. That’s it for this article. Thank You. 

Aman Pawar
Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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