KETO DIET – Advantages, Disadvantages, Foods, And Many More

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What Is Keto Diet?

Keto diet or ketogenic diet is a diet that is high in fat, low in carbs, and moderate in protein. It involves a drastic reduction of carbs intake and instead, you have to eat calories from fat.

This is meant to put your body in a metabolic state known as ‘ketosis’. Ketosis happens when you force your body to use fats rather than carbs for most of your body functions.

If there are not enough carbs in your diet, the liver converts fatty acids into ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies can be used by brains just like glucose and replace it as an energy source.

To reach ketosis most people need to consume less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day and sometimes the number of carbs goes less than 30 grams of carbs per day.

How to reach ketosis

how to reach ketosis
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  1. Cut down your carbs. ( usually less than 50 grams per day)
  2. Increase in fat consumption. ( stick mostly to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – good fats, and healthy saturated fats)
  3. Once the blood level of ketones reaches/rises to a specific point, you enter into ketosis.

Most people cycle in and out of ketosis regularly. But there are other people who follow the keto diet for the long term.

What Should You Eat On Keto Diet

#1. Healthy Fats

  • Healthy fat should make up the bulk of your diet ( up to 80%) of your total calories
  • Example – Olive oil, Grass-fed butter, Avocados, Nuts and seeds
  • Make sure to select the foods you like and that are healthy also. This prevents hunger, weakness, and fatigue.

#2. Non-Starchy Vegetables

  • Non-starchy vegetable means vegetables that are low in carbs.
  • Example – Broccoli, Cauliflower
  • Non-strachy vegetables should be added to your diet.
  • These foods are great for weight loss also as they are high in volume and low in calories.

#3. High protein foods

  • Protein is the most essential macro-nutrient.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are doing muscle gain or losing fat protein is a must.
  • Even to live a healthy life as a normal human being you need 1 gram of protein per kg of your body weight.
  • Example – Lean meat, Fatty fish
  • Whey protein is a very good option for those who are working and don’t have time for cooking. It is also a good option for vegetarians.
  • Whey protein is a lean source of protein and has almost zero carbs.
  • If you wish to buy whey protein I will link it down below.
  • All of these whey protein contains not more than 3-5 grams of carbs. All of them contains 25 grams of protein 😲.

For India

Chocolate flavor –

double rich chocolate –

For Outside India

Dutch Chocolate( special for keto diet) –

Strawberry –

What You Should Avoid On Keto Diet

  • Avoid Most processed foods. (Junk)
  • Anything high in sugar is high in carbs.
  • If you eat anything high in sugar it can take you out of ketosis
  • Cut out pizza, soft drinks, energy drinks

Foods To Eat – Keto Diet

  1. Meat
  2. Fatty fish
  3. Butter
  4. Cheese
  5. Nuts
  6. Seeds
  7. Healthy oils
  8. Avocados
  9. Non-starchy vegetables
  10. High-fat dairy (select the dairy product that has lowest carbs. Every state, country have different brands. Select the brand that is lowest in carbs)
  11. Blueberry
  12. Raspberry

Foods To Avoid – Keto Diet

  1. Any processed foods
  2. Sugar
  3. Candy
  4. Soft drinks
  5. Cakes
  6. Grains: Oats, barley, rye, wheat, pasta
  7. Low-fat dairy
  8. Most fruits
  9. Factory animal
  10. Vegetable oil ( hydrogenated)
  11. Legumes
  12. Anything that comes in a wrapper or box

Advantages Of Keto Diet

  • Lose weight
  • Great for type – 2 diabetics ( A person who suffers from diabetes)
  • Helps with reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improved fat burning
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Clear skin
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease

Disadvantages Of Keto Diet

  • Very restrictive
  • Can get expensive
  • Many lose muscle mass
  • Not enough energy for a workout
  • Lack of strength
  • Decreased energy for normal works
  • Cannot follow for long term

Common Side Effects

  1. In a week you may experience something called keto flu.
  2. There will be digestive discomfort
  3. Headaches
  4. Feeling of nausea
  5. Lack of energy

NOTE – After the flu is over your body starts to lose fat and you will feel great again. Weight loss during the first few days/weeks is water loss.


Keto diet is very good for weight loss. But it is not meant for everyone. Especially for Indians and other countries that have a lot of carbs in their diet. In keto diet, your daily carb intake is less 30-50 grams a day. Not everyone can handle this.

If you want to do a keto diet do it at least for 3 months to get results. I have seen many people who have done a keto diet and lost weight. But after a few months, they have gained double the weight that they have lost during the keto diet. Stay consistent. And also, the keto diet can get really expensive. Keep all the things in your mind and do your best.

If you want to start the keto diet start with this ratio. This is the standard ratio for a keto diet.


That’s it for this article. Thank you for reading.

Aman Pawar
Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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