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Are you a late-night snacker? Do you eat late-night snacks? Is your work not letting you sleep early. Or perhaps you are a student preparing for an upcoming examination. Or the Soccer World cup is keeping you up late at night. Well, whatever your reasons are, late-night snacks should be chosen very carefully else it can destroy your weight loss effort and instantly put you off the fitness track.

So, what are the healthiest snacks to munch on late at night? Let us find out. Hello Friends! Welcome to Be Healthy Be Fit. For this article, I have identified the foods most commonly eaten by us late at night and have ranked them from worst to best. After taking into consideration various factors like how fast they get digested in the body, their nutritional value, etc. I have categorized them into two categories. Worst and the Best.


Category #1 includes the foods which many of you have been used to eating as late-night snacks. It includes Biscuits, Namkeen, Kurkure, Lay’s, Maggi, Chocolates, and whatever else catches the eye. If you are even slightly serious about your fitness goals, these are the food items you should not even touch late in the night as your snacks.

Most of these late-night snacks are a simple form of carbohydrate deep-fried in oil. At night, our body is not physically active and most of these carbohydrates remain unutilized and are ultimately get stored in the form of fat.

Whereas Lay’s, Kurkure, and other namkeen items are extremely high in sodium, on the other hand, Biscuits, Chocolates, and sweets are mostly sugar and maida. These food items are anyway unhealthy but consuming them late at night as a snack may prove disastrous for you.

Eating any of these late in the night will make you put on extra weight, feel bloated and you will end up repenting in the morning. So, are there any guilt-free options to snack on late at night? YES.


Category #2 includes the best late-night snack options. Which you can eat and you will not go off track of your fitness journey.



Starting with one of my favorite late-night snacks is homemade popcorn. Take 1/4th cup of Popcorn kernels and put them in a cooker. Cover the cooker with a lid or a plate. let the flame be on the lowest. The corn will start popping up in no time.

One bill bowl of homemade popcorn has only 70 calories. It is tasty and filling at the same time. Avoid making ACT II popcorn which is 5 times higher in calories loaded with saturated fats and sodium.


MAKHANE late night snacks

Phool Makhane or Lotus seeds are another low calories, low glycemic, light, and crunchy late-night snack option ideal for those who want to lose weight. One bowl of dry roasted Phool Makhane has only 90 calories, 18 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein.


PUFFED RICE late night snacks

One more option which is widely used in the Indian subcontinent is Puffed Rice. One cup of puffed rice has only 56 calories. Since it is so low in calories one can easily consume a big bowl of puffed rice at night and still stay strong on the weight loss journey.


One handful of unsalted dry roasted peanuts another crunchy and healthy snack option to be consumed at night. Taking my attention away from the crunchy snacks is another delicious and healthy night snack option.


Chocolate Milk. In one glass of toned milk, hot or cold, add 1 teaspoon of natural unsweetened cocoa powder. You may sweeten it with 1 teaspoon of honey. A complete meal in itself, an excellent source of slow-digesting Casein protein, milk is ideal before bed.

You can even have 1 bar of homemade dark chocolate with one glass of milk as a healthy late-night snack option.


Another milk-based option is Oatmeal. This is another one of my favorite late-night snacks. 1/4th cup of oats in 1 glass of hot milk will not only fill up your tummy but is also among the healthier late-night snack options. This snack option will provide you about 180 calories.

If you like oats and want to buy some, just click the link below.

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The final late-night snack option that I have for you is Peanut Butter Roti. Apply 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter over a medium-sized whole wheat chapati. Roll it and have it. Quick and healthy, this filling snack options under 180 calories. Make sure that you use natural peanut butter.

One good option that I highly recommend is Alpino’s peanut butter. Alpino’s peanut butter is truly a peanut butter for better health, as it doesn’t have added sugar, hydrogenated oils, or unwanted additives.

The ingredient list speaks for itself, ROASTED PEANUTS (100%). One serving of Alpino’s peanut butter will give you 10 grams of protein, 15 grams of healthy fats, and 7 grams of carbohydrates.

Peanut butter by Alpino comes in both the variants, Creamy as well as Crunchy. You can apply it on whole wheat chapati, blend it into smoothies, stir it into oatmeal, and more. Alpino’s peanut butter is a healthy and delicious way to fulfill your late-night food cravings.

You can use this peanut butter without refrigeration for over 9 months. You can buy Alpino’s peanut butter by clicking on the link. So, I hope this article helped you identify the low calorie, healthy, crunchy, light, and filling options for late-night snacking.


Although, late-night snacking is not highly recommended. But if your work demands so or you are feeling very hungry these snacks should be your go-to options.

Much better than the usual unhealthy snacks we mindlessly munch on. It is also recommended that you drink a glass of water and wait for 15-20 minutes to check whether you are really hungry or just dehydrated.

So Friends! That’s all for this article. I hope you found it to be helpful. If yes, then please let me know by giving comments. Which late-night snack option did you like the most? Let me know in the comment section. If you want to know about cheap and affordable super-foods, just click here

Aman Pawar
Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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