MENTAL FITNESS – The Importance, Benefits & Techniques To Improve

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The Importance of Mental Fitness

Keeping Your Brain In Shape

Physical fitness receives lots of attention and for good reason. A healthy body can prevent/limit conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and help you maintain independence as you age.

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn’t be ignored. Including mental dexterity exercises into your daily routine can help you to receive the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for years to come.

Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top state. It doesn’t mean training your brain for “Brain Olympics” or acing an “IQ” test. It refers to a series of exercises that help you:

  • slow down
  • boost a flagging memory
  • decompress

Mind-Body Connection


It’s no surprise that the more you help your body, the more you help your mind. Physical movement increases the flow of oxygen to your brain. It also increases the number of endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals, in your brain. For this reason, it’s not shocking that people who are in great physical shape also tend to enjoy a greater level of mental agility.

Engaging in a vigorous physical workout can help you fight depression and gain a more positive viewpoint on life. It’s also a great way to overcome stress, which can harm you mentally and physically.

Mental exercise is just as beneficial. According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, certain memory training exercises can increase “fluid intelligence”- The ability to analyze and solve new problems

Exercise is good for the brain and the body and so is meditation. Meditation, in conjunction with other methods, is an alternative way to treat depression. Calming the mind lets you solve a problem in a more relaxed way.

Benefits Of Mental Fitness

You go to bed after a long day, your body starts to relax. But the mind doesn’t always follow.

Visualization can help. You can often achieve a sense of peacefulness through representation(imagination), the process of picturing a peaceful scene or location. This practice can reduce tension/stress in both your body and your mind by challenging neurons in the less-dominant area of your brain.

The less-dominant side of your brain is the area that controls feelings of self-confidence and happiness. When you think about something other than your daily problems/worries, you increase activity in the neural structures of that area of your brain.

Become Mentally Fit

Keeping your mind mentally fit isn’t as difficult as getting ready for a marathon, but it’s a good resemblance. You can add mental exercises to the many activities you already perform in your day to day life, such as:

  • finding humor in life
  • reading
  • day-dreaming

You can try the following ways to increase your mental fitness.

Techniques To Increase Mental Fitness

Stop Multitasking

You may think that multitasking allows you to get more things done at once, but it actually produces more problems than it solves. Concentrating on one task at a time will improve your concentration/focus and help you to be more productive.

Be Positive With Yourself

Positive affirmation is one avenue to increased mental expertise.

Affirmation, or positively talking to yourself, involves strengthening neural pathways to bring your self-confidence, well-being, and satisfaction to a higher level.

To start, make a list of your good qualities. Remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be good enough. Set goals for what you want to improve and start small to avoid getting confused.

Try Something Different

Doing things that scare you will bring the best version of yourself. New things/experiences can also set you on the path to mental fitness. You can try new approaches to your daily life in a variety of ways. Some of the ways are:

  • Try new foods.
  • Try new ways to accomplish routine tasks.
  • Travel to new places.
  • Take a new way to work or the grocery store.
  • Try new exercises.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, research shows that keeping your brain active increases its life. Doing new things in new ways appears to help maintain brain cells and connections. It may even produce new brain cells! In life, breaking out of your routine can help keep your brain stay healthy.

Play Games

Games that test logic, thinking, and other portions of your brain are fun ways to keep your mind sharp. Consider playing these games:

  • crossword puzzles
  • Language: Scrabble, word scrambles.
  • board games
  • Problem Solving: chess, sudoku, logic games.

Games are an excellent way to build up your brain muscle. Even fast-paced action video games may boost your ability to learn new tasks and improves your decision-making skills. According to a study in the journal Current BiologyTrusted Source. The study found tentative evidence that video games may increase your attention span, faster your decision making, reaction time, and task-switching ability. Besides, you can try any game that employs the use of:

  • logic
  • trivia
  • reasoning

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Reading is excellent for your brain. Moreover, as you’re reading this sentence, your brain is processing every word, recalling the meaning instantly. Isn’t that fascinating guys!

Beyond the mechanics, reading helps you visualize the subject matter on the pages before you, and imagine what voices sound like in the written dialogue. This can also be a great relaxation method.

Reading is a magnificent activity because it can stoke the imagination and ignite so many different parts of the brain. There are endless types and varieties of reading material. It’s unlikely that you’ll run out of interesting things to read. I will link some gadgets for you guys to read anywhere, anytime, and in any corner of the world.

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Take The Time

Mental fitness doesn’t take a lot of your time. Spending a few minutes on mental fitness every day can help you feel better. This will also help you in thinking more clearly. Try adding one or two activities at a time to your mental fitness workout, such as:

  • relaxing
  • memory exercises
  • imagining
  • affirming
  • memory drills
  • game-playing

The Takeaway

Mental fitness is vital to keep your brain and your body healthy, especially as you age. 

There are many types of mental dexterity exercises. You don’t need to go to the gym to do them. They include active ones, such as learning a new song, playing a game, as well as restful ones, such as rest, reading, and visualization exercises. 

Schedule a mental fitness break into your calendar or mobile. Your mind and your health are worth it.

Aman Pawar
Aman Pawar
Aman Pawar is a Certified Diet, Fitness and Nutrition Expert. For more info visit About Us page.


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