Top Six Tasty Dishes That Are High In Vitamin B12

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Hey there, seekers! Searching to add more vitamin B12 to your diet? Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that your body can’t make on its own. You either get it from your diet, or you need to take supplements. 

In today’s article, we will be talking about six dishes that offer you an insane amount of vitamin B12. Learn how to eat beef, liver, and onions. Not to mention clam chowder soup. We’ll be talking about all of these and more…

#1. Vitamin B12 Dish – Beef, Liver, and Onions

Let’s get real, the idea of eating liver scared all of us as kids. Nobody likes to have an animal liver for lunch. Especially when you could be eating pizza instead! But it turns out our grandparents knew what they were doing. 

Organ meats are very good for your health. They are, in fact, gaining in popularity as the new superfoods. A special recommendation is for the liver. Many nutritionists recommend putting it in your regular diet. 

The liver and kidney from lambs are rich in vitamin B 12. A hundred grams of lamb liver provides you 3571% of the daily value for vitamin B12! Can you believe that? 

Beef liver is similar. A hundred grams of it gives you 3000% of the Daily Value of B12. So one of the healthiest vitamin B12 foods you can cook for your family is the liver. 

Start with beef and onions. It is pretty difficult to mess up this dish. All you need is butter, white or yellow sweet onions, garlic cloves, and beef liver. To make it taste better, add red wine, coarse sea salt, and a bit of pepper! 

How To Make It👇

  1. In an oven-safe, steel pan, saute the onions in butter. 
  2. Add chopped garlic cloves. Then put it in the sliced liver. Saute it a bit and follow it up by adding wine. 
  3. Put it to simmer and cover it with foil. Place your pan in the preheated oven. 
  4. Find something interesting to watch on YouTubers your delicious beef liver and onions cook for the next 45 minutes. Don’t let the aroma tempt you into opening the oven early. 
  5. After 45 minutes to one hour, get the pan out of the oven, and reduce the juice on the stove. 
  6. Broil to get brown edges. Season it with salt and pepper. 

That’s it! Now you have a delicious new meal to cook and, it gives you an insane amount of B12. That’s what I call a win-win. Which is the tastiest liver you’ve ever had? Was it at a restaurant or homemade? Share your memorable food stories with the BE HEALTHY BE FIT community in the comments below.

#2. Clams Chowder Soup

Clams Chowder Soup - high in vitamin B12
Clams Chowder Soup

If you like clams, here’s a reason to love them even more! They are super nutritious! Just 20 small clams give you 7000% of the Daily Value for vitamin B12! Imagine that!!!! 

And that’s not it. Whole baby clams give you ample iron too. You get close to 200% of your daily iron from a 3.5-ounce serving of small clams. 

Worried about making one? It is pretty simple. You won’t need to run off to the grocery store with a long list of ingredients. Just get a can of clams. It is budget-friendly and a lot easier than having to deal with fresh ones. 

Clams can be pretty EXPENSIVE! Plus they require so much extra time to prep. Just open a can and voila! 

Get diced bacon and onion, minced garlic cloves, and unsalted butter. Peeled and diced potatoes will increase the yummy’ factor! Way to go with the vegetable stock. Milk and all-purpose flour are good as well. You need them to make the soup creamier. Keep salt and pepper ready for seasoning! 

Here’s how you can make it👇

  1. Cook bacon for 6 to 8 minutes in a large stockpot over medium-high heat. 
  2. Empty the contents onto a plate with a paper towel. 
  3. Saute onion and garlic in the same pan. Use unsalted butter for this. 
  4. Whisk it in all-purpose flour until it is light brown. I am pretty sure the aroma is already tempting. You haven’t even added the clams yet. 
  5. Gradually whisk them in milk, vegetable stock, and clam juice. Keep whisking as it gets creamier! 
  6. Now add potatoes and bring the whole thing to boil. Let it cook until the potatoes are tender. 
  7. Stir in the clams with milk and cream. Cook for 2 minutes and you are done! 
  8. Enjoy your delicious B 12-rich soup with a bit of salt pepper seasoning.

Well, what if you don’t want to eat or you are a vegetarian. If one of these is your case, then maybe you should consider taking Vitamin B12 supplements. Now, which brand is best, what about cost? And other facts… You don’t need to worry about that cause we have linked Vitamin B12 supplements for you guys at the end of this article. Make sure you check out! 

#3. Vitamin B12 Dish – Sardines

These small, soft-boned, saltwater fish are some of the most nutritious. They also make for awesome lunch and dinner dishes. 

Simple roasted sardines with garlic and herb crust is enough to make your mouth water. And who doesn’t like sardine sandwiches? They are easy to prepare, delightful on your tastebuds, and great for your body. 

Just a cup of drained sardines, roughly 150 grams, gives you 554% of your daily vitamin B12 value. Isn’t that great? 

Want to learn how to make the most delicious Mediterranean-roasted sardines in under 30 minutes? It’s super easy! 

Here is the recipe👇

  1. Mix minced cloves, fresh mustard, and dry oregano. 
  2. Next, you will need paprika, dry onion flakes, and salt. For extra flavor, you need to add lemon juice and freshly ground pepper. 
  3. Gently coat the sardines with this mix. 
  4. Grease a pan with olive oil and carefully lay the sardines in the pan in one layer. The rest of the mix goes on top of the sardines. 
  5. Roast it in a preheated oven for 15 minutes. 
  6. Serve hot with parsley garnishing. Your vitamin B 12 dose of deliciousness is ready to eat.

#4. Stew or Steak – (Want beef?)

Whatever type of beef you like, it doesn’t matter. Just sneak beef onto your plate every once in a while. 

One grilled flat iron steak, which should be roughly 190 grams, gives you more than enough vitamin B12. 467% of your daily value to be precise. But that is not all. 

The beef gives you other nutrients as well. Like, vitamins B2, B3, and B6. You also get 100% of your daily selenium and zinc. No wonder grandmas love to make it for their family. It is hell, a lot nutritious!

Want to opt for even healthier versions? Choose from low-fat cuts of meat. It would be great if you grill or roast it instead of frying. Grilling and roasting are better as they help preserve the vitamin B12 content. We know barbeque season is coming to an end for the year, but there’s always next summer to try this one out!

#5. Vitamin B12 Dish – Tuna Sandwich

Tuna sandwiches have more than enough vitamin B12 to give. This vitamin is stored within the muscles, right beneath the tuna’s skin. 100 grams of cooked tuna gives you a 453% of your daily value. 

Along with vitamin B12, you will also get a good amount of lean protein, selenium, and vitamins A and B3. 

Searching for the best tuna sandwich recipe? How about one that takes just five minutes to prepare? And it definitely tastes AWESOME! 

The Recipe For Tune Sandwich👇

  1. Take a bowl and put in cottage cheese, mayonnaise, finely chopped red onions, and celery stalk. 
  2. Add canned tuna fish, Dijon mustard, and capers. Do not forget to squeeze some fresh lemon.
  3. You can also add cherry tomatoes if you like. Put as much salt in as you can handle. 
  4. Mix them well. 
  5. Now take two lightly toasted pieces of bread and serve them on toast as open-faced. 
  6. If you like regular sandwiches, do not forget to add lettuce. 
  7. Your vitamin B12-packed tuna sandwich is ready to eat.

#6. Vitamin B12 Dish – Salmon Salad

If tuna made it to the list, salmon has to be here too! These are two nutritious fishes that go hand in hand. 

Salmon is renowned for its high omega 3 levels that help keep your heart young and healthy. But only a few know that it’s an excellent source of vitamin B 12. 

A half fillet of cooked salmon gives you 208% of the Daily Value. One of the healthiest ways to get salmon in your diet is by making a salad from it. 

Salmon salad is easy to do and you can store it in your fridge. Use grilled, poached, or even baked salmon to make a bowl. 

Here’s how you can make Salmon Salad👇

  1. Chop up the green veggies. You can use celery, scallions, parsley, and dill to make the salad healthier. 
  2. Make the salad dressing by mixing mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and smoked paprika. 
  3. Cayenne pepper and lemon juice further add flavor. 
  4. Add salt and pepper as per your taste. 
  5. Flake salmon with a fork and add it to the salad bowl. 
  6. Throw in all the chopped greens and pour in the salad dressing. 
  7. Your delicious vitamin B12-packed salmon salad is ready. Bon appetit! 

Vitamin B12 Supplement👇

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For Outside India

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Will you be trying any of these dishes for more B12? Do you eat any of them already? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you! That’s it for this article. Thank you.

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